Pinus sylvestris

Pine oil is steam distilled from the twigs, needles and buds of scotch pine tree. Be sure your pine oil is pure. There should be no crude pine resin. This is actually used to produce turpentine. The resin oozes from the cut bark into pots, like syrup from maple trees. The resin is then collected and heated in a still until volatile compounds for turpentine are released and captured. Pure pine essential oil has a fresh forest smell. This is replicated in an synthetic manner in some pine-scented cleaners. For those who like this aroma, pine oil added to your natural cleaner is a wonderful, healthy replacement.

Aroma: strong, clean, herbal

Blends with: rosemary, sage, juniper

Properties: antibacterial, analgesic, diuretic, antiseptic

Uses: psoriasis, pimples, eczema, skin diseases, sores, flea bites, diuretic, increases metabolism, joint pain, arthritis, stress, fatigue, mood, anxiety, concentration, memory, boils, cuts, sports injuries, athletes foot, gallstones

Methods of Use: steam, diluted in water, vaporizer, applied to temples, massage oil, diffuser

Cautions: avoid use if have kidney disease, possible skin sensitivity, may cause hypertension