Syzygium Aromaticum

Clove oil is taken from the leaves, flowers and buds of the clove evergreen tree, which can grow to 30 ft. tall. The use of clove oil dates back to ancient history for its medicinal uses. The health and cleaning benefits of clove oil can be attributed to its antimicrobial, anti-fungal, antiseptic and antiviral properties. We blend clove oil and orange oil as its a pleasant mixture of sweet and spicy. It also is reminiscent of the holidays... orange and clove pomades (which are great insect repellents besides a nice decoration), clove spiked ham and the warm aroma.

Aroma: spicy, woody, sweet

Blends with: orange, vanilla, lavender, rosemary, sage

Properties: antimicrobial, anti-fungal, antiseptic, antiviral

Uses:immune support, earache, tooth and gum pain, mouth sores, bad breath, asthma, stress, acne, arthritis, sprains, indigestion, headache, as flavor enhancement and antioxidant

Methods of Use:apply to cotton roll on tooth, gums, inside mouth, mouthwash (1:20), topical (diluted), diffuser, apply to temples and forehead, chew clove bud

Cautions:possible skin sensitivity, mucous membrane irritant, check before use if taking blood thinners