aromatherapy cleaning


Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils for physical and mental well being. In more recent years, it has also come to encompass “well being” of our homes and beauty also. In addition to essential oils, aromatherapy includes the use of other natural ingredients in conjunction with the oils such as carrier oils, herbs, spices, salts and clay. (Note: perfume oils or fragrance-grade oils are NOT the same as essential oils. They contain synthetic products and do not provide therapeutic benefits)

There are several methods and uses in aromatherapy including inhalation, physical application, and more. For example, steaming, diffusing or consuming tea of eucalyptus has the medicinal use of easing congestion, the physiological benefit of easing mental exhaustion and stress, beauty aid for skin care and a household product of being an antibacterial used to kill germs in the air, keeping it clean. The uses of essential oils are numerous.

The term “Aromatherapy” is relatively new but the use of plants and oils goes back as far as history does. Native Americans are known for their medicinal healing, which was the use of what nature provided - plants and their oils. Ancient Egyptians used essential oils in spiritual, medicinal and exotic methods. The Chinese were one of the first cultures to use plants for well-being. Still today, their culture incorporates oils in many ways.

There has been a rebirth due to heightened awareness of the dangers of toxic and harmful chemicals in our environment and its impact on our health. As part of this rebirth, more and more people are searching for more natural ways of healing, living and cleaning. This is what brought us to aromatherapy and our natural cleaning methods.