Also known as propanone. Commonly used in nail polish remover, paint thinner, cosmetics, and a solvent for epoxies. In common household cleaners you may find it in: furniture polish, hard surface cleaners, laundry pre-soaks and oven cleaners. It also might be listed as a 'surfectant' in products protected by the 'Trade Secret' laws.

Acetone has been found to be quickly absorbed into the body by inhalation, ingestion and dermal exposure at a rate of 70-80%. Numerous studies have been done on laboratory animals and in humans to test the potential risks.

The short term health effects according to the Department Of Environmental Services are: Mild nervous system irritation, irritation of the eyes and respiratory system, mood swings, nausea, sluggishness and drowsiness. These results are not long lasting because acetone is quickly metabolized by the body but it may cause significant damage over the long term.