Because of hurricane Sandy, my house suffered major damage; it was a disaster: damaged furniture, almost nothing was at its place. Then I saw the newspaper ad for Tara's Personal Cleaning company and I contacted them asking for help. When I was selected by them, I really hoped their contribution would make my days become better, and they did not disappoint. I'm very grateful to Tara's Personal Cleaning for their invaluable help. They are true professionals who know how to do their job very well. They cleansed everything: drained water from the house, cleansed floors, walls, everything. Without them, I would have never seen my house clean again. But these good-hearted people, with their kindness, helped me get through this difficult part of my life and because of their efficiency, speed and quality of service, I highly recommend other people in similar situations to contact them.

Thank you Tara's Personal Cleaning!

Suzana M