Long Island Cleaning Service Comments


We Aim To Please.

Our goal is not to be your average cleaning service, there are enough of those out there already. Nor are we trying to fill the cookie-cutter mold of the large franchise cleaning services who might prefer to watch the clock and pay a large commission to whoever cleans the most houses. Our goal is to always provide the best possible service and to protect the health and well being of your family by using the highest quality products nature can provide.

While we strive for excellence in maid service, we are also constantly researching new ways to use all natural essential oils in combating pests, bacteria and mold. We've found these essential oils are very effective when used properly and they leave a fresh clean smell ... naturally!

Here are just a few comments from our customers:

'I agree - fewer ants! The house looks great!' - Lia S.

'Come upstairs, I want to show you your bedroom!' - Liz's Son (To his brother)

'You guys are amazing! The other cleaning services we've used were just, 'meh'. - King M.

'I can see you pay great attention to detail.' - Barbara F.

'The house looks awesome! I love the minty fresh smell. - Bernie H.

'The house looked wonderful!' - Joyce H.

'I'm one happy housewife!' - Liz C.

(whispering to her dad) 'Dad, The house smells like mint!' - Jeff's Daughter - The smile from Jeff as he thanked me was priceless

'He absolutely LOVED what you guys did!' - Maria D.

'You run your business like everybody else SHOULD' - Stanley S

' My house was a mess I had been away for two weeks then was without electricity for 13 days. My fridge was awful and now it looks and smells great' - Jackie D.

'They are true professionals who know how to do their job very well.' - Suzana M.

Tara and Gary, thanks again for doing such a great job on my parents' house today. Here is my quote: If you want your home cleaned with non-toxic supplies and attention to detail, this is the cleaning service for you. I couldn't ask for a friendlier, more hard-working team. - Deborah Kruger, CEO Comprehensive MedBilling.com

A big Thank You to Tara and crew for doing such a great job! - Roseanne P.

Thank you for doing such a good job cleaning my house today. It looks great - Jennifer V.

The house looked AWESOME!! Thank you for your patience. - Debbie S.