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Green Cleaning Service: Moving Cleaning

Our team can prepare your residence for the walk through and/or give your new home a thorough cleaning before you move in. If you are renting and returning your place to the landlord, having a professional cleaning done will greatly help in getting more of your deposit back. Making the extra effort to return the property in pristine condition will leave a great impression.

Moving can be exciting, but lets admit it, its also quite stressful. With everything you need to do, leave the cleaning to our Long Island green house cleaning specialists. Moving cleanings include all services provided in our Initial Thorough Cleaning service plus we clean inside all closets and cabinets. We clean inside and outside of all appliances, clean and dust all ceiling and wall fixtures and anything else that you request. We can clean the carpets, pack and unpack boxes, what ever you would like! Supplies like boxes, tape and shrink wrap are provided upon request.