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Our green cleaning certifications

Green House Cleaning: Maintenance

Our Long Island green house cleaning service maintains the work completed during the initial thorough house cleaning service. Regularly scheduled cleanings significantly reduce allergens and dust mites in your house, making it a healthy home.

Maintenance Cleaning: Keeping It Clean, Keeping it Green

Once the initial thorough cleaning is complete, the maintenance cleanings take about half the time because the difficult areas are maintained regularly; eliminating build up. These cleanings can be done weekly, biweekly or monthly by our Long Island green house cleaning team.

During the maintenance cleanings, we will visually inspect the ceiling and crown molding for any cobwebs and dust, vacuuming accordingly. All window sills and ledges and floor trim will be vacuumed with our HEPA 4-stage vacuum.

In this residential house cleaning service, dusting is done using only green cleaning products and microfibers. All floors are vacuumed and hard floors are steamed or hand washed, all hard surfaces are sanitized, garbage pails are emptied, and tubs, sinks and toilets are cleaned.