Our chemical free team in action

Our green cleaning certifications

Green House Cleaning: Initial Thorough

Our Initial Thorough Cleaning Service is the first cleaning we do for our customers to set their home up for maintenance cleanings. In this cleaning service, nothing is left untouched by our specialists. We do a deep cleaning from top to bottom starting with the ceilings. From this point, the maintenance cleanings will keep your home sparkling clean.

Residential House Cleaning Done Naturally

The ceiling corners are vacuumed with a HEPA 4 stage filtration vacuum starting at the point of entry and continuing around the room in a clock-wise fashion. All cob webs and dust are removed in the process. Textured ceilings are visually checked for cobwebs as our specialist works their way around the room. Crown molding is vacuumed using a 2-pass pattern when required. Ceiling fans are also included from the mount to the blades. Our cleaning specialist then drops the vacuum down to the walls and covers the window trim, door trim, wall hangings, window sills and ledges and finally the floor trim.

The next step in our initial thorough cleaning involves the wiping of all surfaces. Our team always uses non-toxic cleaning products and microfiber cloths to do the work. We never use harsh chemicals. We use the top to bottom method mentioned above, wiping from crown molding to floor trim. This is done in all rooms. Kitchens and bathrooms require some extra attention.

Green Cleaning and Sanitizing: Bathrooms And Kitchens

Bathrooms and kitchens are also cleaned top to bottom using our green cleaning methods. Since these rooms harbor the most germs, they need more attention. In the bathroom, our specialists scrub all tiles, toilet, sink, vanity and floors. We also wipe down the areas commonly missed by most cleaning services: behind and around the toilet and above the wall cabinets and light fixtures. In the kitchen, our specialists clean the exterior of all wall and base cabinets, kick plates and appliances, clean the sinks, fixtures, and microwave (inside and out) and steam/wash floors. The cleaning will include sanitization of all surfaces.

Custom Cleaning Plans: We can create a plan specifically designed to meet your cleaning needs.