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Hurricane Sandy / Flood Cleaning

With all of the flooding and water damage that occured after Hurricane Sandy, it is important to prevent mold growth to maintain a healthy environment for you and your family. Now that most of us have our power restored, the first thing you can do is get anything that has absorbed water cleaned and dried out. Movement of air around the home is crucial here. Open windows and get the air moving. Commercial air movers can be rented for around $50-$70 a week. Getting hot air moving is also important, as molds grow best in temperatures from about 75 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit. Try to get the air as hot as possible (safely) until the house is dried out completely. If items that got waterlogged can't be cleaned and are easily replaced, throw them out.

Anything that can't be replaced and is non-porous can be safely cleaned using a natural cleaning solution of Tea Tree oil, Eucalyptus or Vinegar. There is no need to use bleach. To use vinegar as a mold inhibitor, it must be used full strength. Spray it on and leave it to dry. This will prevent about 86% of mold growth. The smell of the vinegar will dissapate after a few hours. White vinegar can be easily purchased at any supermarket. Look for at least 5% Acetic Acid on the label.

Eucalyptus oil or Tea tree oil may be a little harder to purchase but are extremely effective mold and bacteria fighters. You can find them at most health food stores in half ounce bottles. The oils can be mixed using a ratio of one teaspoon oil to one cup water and put in a spray bottle. Let this solution stay on the surface to kill any mold spores and prevent the future growth of mold. Wiping the surface with a microfiber after ten minutes will help polish the surface and absorb any remaining mold spores.

If you'd like to make the whole process easy, call us and schedule a cleaning. We've helped customers from Gilgo Beach, Glen Cove, Syosset, Bay Shore, Sayville, Hauppauge, Centereach, Amityville, Plainview and Saltaire, Fire Island since the storm hit. We can get your life back to normal very quickly.

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