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Natural Cleaning For A Healthier Home

Did you know that 70% of asthmatics also have allergies? Approximately one in every four homes have levels of dust mite allergens high enough to trigger asthma symptoms. Hiring our professional Long Island green house cleaning service is the best way to reduce dust and allergens. Professionally sanitizing and disinfecting surfaces in the kitchen, bathroom and other areas of the house kills the bacteria, viruses, mold and other microorganisms that can compromise your health. Our green cleaning methods virtually eliminate E.coli, strep, staph, salmonella and H1N1 – many of which are responsible for serious illness and infection. All of our natural cleaning products are environmentally friendly, EPA-approved and 99% effective in killing these germs. We invite you to keep reading to find out why we're the perfect choice for your housekeeping needs!

Best Of Long Island - Cleaning Services!

Our green cleaning service company has been voted as the "Best Of Long Island" - Best Cleaning Services! We're honored to have made the Best Cleaning Company list as number 2! Thank you for choosing us. We're not resting on our laurels, though. We're still trying hard to be the best residential green cleaning service on Long Island.

Our Green House Cleaning Services.

Whether in your home or at your business, our Long Island cleaning company is licensed, insured and our certified staff can provide you with the following cleaning services:

Initial Thorough House Cleaning Service

Eviction/foreclosure Cleaning Service

Residential Maintenance Cleaning Services

Spring/Fall Residential Cleaning Service

Move In/Move Out Maid Service

Office Cleaning Services

One Time/Occasion Residential Cleaning Services

Garage/Shed/Storage Cleaning Services

Rental Property Cleanups

Post-Construction Residential Cleaning Services

Vacant Property Upkeep

Residential Hurricane/Flood Clean Ups